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Killin' Time

A couple different games this weekend had to be rescheduled so that they didn't conflict with other sporting events, and ended up leaving some road teams with a little extra time on their hands.

Notre Dame asked Lake Superior to play their series on Thursday and Friday rather than Friday and Saturday so that it didn't conflict with Notre Dame's football game against Navy. In return, Lake Superior's team got tickets to watch Notre Dame's historic loss to Navy.

Denver got the entire day off on Saturday in their series with Minnesota. I didn't hear of any formal plans, but Denver coach George Gwozdecky mentioned in his post-game show that it would be a good opportunity for players to see their family, or catch up on studying, or watch some football. Meanwhile, Gwozdecky, and Minnesota assistant coach John Hill both went to New Hope to watch the Nike/Bauer National Invitational Tournament.

Minnesota State's second game against Alabama-Huntsville had to be moved from 7pm to 3pm to accommodate the Huntville Havoc's game against the Knoxville Ice Bears in thrilling SPHL action. That left the Mavericks with a free Saturday night in Huntsville before their plane left the next morning. The Mavericks went out to the movies to see the film American Gangster last night, before flying back to Minnesota on Sunday.