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Hobey Watch

It feels like a shorter week this week with the holiday on Thursday, so I'm trying to squeeze everything in while I can.

Here's this week's Hobey Watch

# 1. Ryan Lasch, St. Cloud


Real # 1. Kevin Porter, Michigan

Another great weekend against another not-so-good CCHA team. By the way, with 16 points in the CCHA now, I think Michigan has already wrapped up at least hosting a first-round playoff series.

# 2 Peter Mannino, Denver

Denver had a fairly easy sweep over a road-weary Minnesota State team, but a big part of the reason it was so easy was the phenomenal play of Peter Mannino.

# 3 Nick Sirota, Northern Michigan

Where the hell did this guy come from? He's already matched his career high of 10 goals, on one of the aforementioned not-so-good CCHA teams. He's had a hand in 57% of NMU's goals so far this year.

#4 Vacant

This space is reserved for Tyler Ruegsegger until the video of his goal on Saturday night makes it to YouTube.