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Hobey Watch

1. Kevin Porter, Michigan

Everybody else is picking him as the leader, and I'll give in too. I think everybody recognizes Michigan is rated a little higher than they should be right now, but you have to give the team credit for their record so far, and Porter is largely responsible for that. DJ Powers wrote a nice article on Porter for Hockey's Future.

2. Tim Kennedy, Michigan State

Now I'm just blatantly copying INCH's picks. Kennedy was the best player in the NCAA tournament last year, in my opinion, and he's off to a great start again. After not scoring a goal in MSU's first two games, Kennedy has at least a goal in their next 7 games.
3. Garrett Roe, St. Cloud

He's probably not a realistic candidate, but he is leading the country in scoring with 17 points, and he helped lead his team to a big sweep over Michigan Tech last weekend. Roe is a little one dimensional though, since 14 of his 17 points have come on the powerplay.

Luke Flicek, Army

I doubt you'll hear much about him this year, but Flicek is a senior with the Black Knights this year, is among the leading scorers in the country with 12 points. Flicek graduated from Apple Valley High School in Minnesota.