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Hobey Watch

Everyone else is doing it, and I'm at least 40% as cool as them, so I figured why not do my own weekly Hobey Baker watch-type deal.

1. Jean-Phillippe Lamoureux, North Dakota

It's hard to argue with his numbers. I'm not that fazed by the losses to Michigan Tech and Colorado College, since they look to be amongst the very best in the country this year. I'm not so sure I endorse him making his name 50% more French though.

2. Kevin Porter, Michigan

There was a lot of debate in Michigan circles before the year about how much of Porter's success last year was due to playing with T.J. Hensick. Having a gifted playmaker like Hensick certainly helped, but Porter is proving to be a dominant player on his own, with a nation-leading 8 goals.

3. Ryan Jones, Miami

Miami just looks like a machine right now, and Jones has been running it while Nathan Davis is out with an injury.

4. Blake Wheeler, Minnesota

It's not often that you see Minnesota's lack of success holding back one of their candidates, but I've been very impressed with Wheeler's play so far this year. There are times that he looks like a man amongst boys out on the ice.