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Bad Blood

Hey, didn't this used to be a college hockey blog? Why yes, it did. So I should probably post something about college hockey every once in a while.

While researching this weekend's games, I noticed an interesting coincidence. In three different series this weekend, it will be the first game between the two games since a late-game fight in their last meeting.

Michigan and Ohio State last met on February 27th, 2007 when the Buckeyes scored late in the third period to win 6-5. At the 20:00 minute mark of the third period, a scuffle broke out between the two teams. Michigan had 5 players receive a 2-minute minor for roughing, the Buckeyes had four players get assessed a 2-minute roughing minor, and Zach Pelletier was given a double-minor and game disqualification.

Minnesota State last met up with Minnesota-Duluth on December 16th in Mankato. The Mavericks had just taken a 5-3 lead early in the third period, when some pushing behind the net escalated into a full blown fight. The fight started between MSU's Kael Mouillierat and UMD's Matt Niskanen, and both players earned double minors for roughing. While the players were skirmishing behind the net, UMD goalie Alex Stalock hit MSU's Zach Harrison in front of the net, for which he was given a double minor. Harrison got up to challenge Stalock, which drew the attention of UMD's Nick Kemp. Seeing his goalie involved in a fight, Kemp cut-in and fought Harrison, with each ending up with game disqualifications for fighting. MSU's Lucas Fransen was also given a double minor for roughing, and UMD's Travis Gawryletz received a roughing minor.

The fight of the year, however, happened the weekend prior to that in Colorado Springs, when Colorado College took on Alaska-Anchorage. CC won the game in overtime on a Scott McCulloch goal. I never saw a full video, but referee Marco Hunt didn't bother with handing out minors. Six Seawolf players(Chris Tarkir, Chad Anderson, Jay Beagle, Blair Tassone, Mark Smith, and Kevin Clark), and 5 Tiger players(Addison DeBoer, Mike Testwuide, Lee Sweatt, Jake Gannon, and Brandon Straub) were all given fighting majors and game disqualifications. Colorado College was only able to dress 5 defenseman in their next game(which they lost), and Anchorage only skated with three lines in their next(which they also lost).

Friday night will the first time all of those teams get back on the ice with each other, which should add another interesting storyline to this weekend's games.