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CSTV's Hobey Watch is out. Kevin Porter still leads, though Jean-Phillippe Lamoureux is gaining ground. I'm a little surprised that Blake Wheeler hasn't been mentioned at all in these lists.

Mike Cammalleri talks about MTV Cribs, and gives another reason why Sean Avery is a tool.

North Dakota's team is fighting the flu.

There's a new scouting site called Ice Scouting that looks pretty similar to The Scouting News. The front page lists their top 5 prospects by age group and country. Their top five US '92 birthdates: 1. Jon Merrill 2. Austin Watson 3. Brandon Saad 4. Emerson Etem 5. Luke Moffatt. The top five '93 birthdates: 1. Colin Jacobs 2. Shane McColgan 3. Rocco Grimaldi 4. Alex Gacek 5. Vince Trochek. Russell Stover defenseman Garrett Clarke is ranked fourth among Canadian '92s.

Ohio State's Johann Kroll did an interview for Ohio State's website. My favorite part:
Wayne:Aurora, Ill. :
Is it true there is a band made just of hockey players?

Johann:: True. It started my freshman year. Our former captain JB Bittner found out that follow freshman John Dingle played drums and I played guitar. Tyson Strachan played on bass guitar too. It was natural for us to start playing together. Now it's just Dingle, me and a player on the club hockey team. It's hard to play a lot during the season but in the spring and summer we get a chance to play more. We're pretty sick.
No way! Way! We're not worthy!