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A How I Met Your Mother reference gets you bumped to the top of a Linkorama.

There's a line between awful and awfully funny. This blog is awfully funny. Awarding-winning quote:
So it makes me mad that [Steve] Wagner's playing so much with the Blues when poor Kyle Peto is who-knows-where.
Peto, for the uninformed, is a defenseman(in name only), who played most of last year in the ECHL, and is currently playing in the hockey hotbed of England.

And in case you were curious, Peto's Basingstoke team looks to be fairly even with RWD-favorite the Nottingham Panthers. The Panthers escaped with a shootout victory at Basinstoke two weeks ago, before the two teams tied the next night in the 'Ham.

That's about all the British hockey coverage you're getting out of me.

Colin has a recap of Michigan/Minnesota.

Here is your Week 6 Elite League recap. Team Northeast seems to be pulling away from the pack. Southwest has caught up to Team Wisconsin in the standings. Condon and Soley continue to lead the league in scoring.

Shattuck-St. Mary's is 12-1 in Elite League play, with their only loss coming to Team Northeast this past Saturday. David Toews leads Shattuck in scoring with 23 points, followed by Derek Stepan with 20, Jordy Murray with 15, and Luke Grenier with 14.

Unrelated to hockey, but awesome nonetheless.

From the CSTC Newswire:

LSSU lost to Michigan Tech

Minnesota won the Icebreaker

Recap of Wisco's weekend

Jeff Zatkoff is CCHA goalie of the week

Notre Dame splits