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Former Michigan Daily writer James V. Dowd is INCH's new CCHA correspondent. Here is his conference preview.

Andy Baggot from the Wisconsin State Journal looked at the WCHA by age.

A couple recent articles make mention of Jamie Benn "fast-tracking" to the pros by spurning Alaska for the WHL. Benn was a 5th round draft choice of the Dallas Stars. How many other 5th round draft choices have made the NHL out of the WHL, and how many games have they played?

2005-Masi Marjamaki, 1 game
2004-Steve Regier, 10 games
2003-Nigel Dawes, 8 games
2002-Robert McVicar, 1 game
2000-Travis Moen, 203 games
1999-Justin Mapletoft, 38 games, Jordan Krestanovich, 22 games

NCAA players drafted in the 5th round that made the NHL in the same time period:
2004-Ben Walter, 10 games
2003-Lee Stempniak, 139 games
2002-John Zeiler, 23 games
2001-Kevin Bieksa, 120 games
2000-Mike Stuart, 3 games, Matt Koalska, 3 games, Greg Zanon, 70 games, J-M Liles, 232 games, Nolan Schaefer, 7 games
1999-Ryan Miller, 129 games, Niko Dimitrakos, 158 games

Former Denver Pioneer Paul Stastny started off his season with a hat trick for Colorado. Former Duluth Bulldog Matt Niskanen played for Dallas and managed to keep an even +/- rating.