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Friday Linkorama

I wrote some soft stuff on the MSU Mavericks. Here's a post talking about the season in general, and this week's series against Tech.

The UAA Fan Blog had an interesting take on some of Alaska head coach Doc DelCastillo's comments about his new players.

There's no permalink(seriously, nice blogging software, Gannett) but Kevin Allenspach's blog had some interesting stuff regarding St. Cloud. Freshman Dan Dunn may get his first collegiate start on Saturday. Luca Cunti still can't play for the Huskies.

Scott Owens will be doing CSTV's Tuesday's at the Rink chat next Tuesday. That should be interesting considering the story that came to light this week.

The Mankato Free Press features senior Joel Hanson.

Michigan is trying to improve their powerplay.

As far as investments go, I'd say owning a piece of the boards from Value City Arena in Columbus has got to be way down on the list. Who knows though. James Laurinaitis played hockey at Wayzata High School. Maybe he'll spend some of money he's making this year playing football to buy it.

Former CC Tiger Mark Stuart scored his first NHL goal.

For the second straight year, guys that were playing college hockey last year are doing quite well amongst NHL rookies. Andrew Cogliano leads all rookies with 5 points, while Jonathan Toews is second with 4 points. Steve Wagner should also be in the top 10 in rookie scoring with 3 points, but the NHL doesn't list him for some reason.