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Enjoy It While It Lasts

Looking at the leading scorers in the country, there are three players who have scored 5 points so far this season. One is Colgate's Tyler Burton. The other two are a pair of players from Alaska-Anchorage; sophomores Kevin Clark and Josh Lunden.

Granted, most teams have played 2 games, and some haven't played any, but it's still strange to see UAA at the top of a scoring table. Anchorage is just two years removed from a season where nobody on their team scored more than 15 points. Now, they've got two guys who are a third of the way to that mark after just one weekend.

Anchorage got a win and a tie last weekend, and this weekend, host rival Alaska, who is in full-on rebuilding mode this year. After that, they host a two game set against Minnesota State. The Seawolves have a nice opportunity to really boost up their record at the start of the season before they get into the heart of the WCHA schedule.