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Belated Thoughts from Icebreaker Final

Here are my thoughts from Saturday night's Icebreaker final between Michigan and Minnesota in bullet form:

-It was great to be watching college hockey again. After watching the kids all summer, it's amazing what a step up in speed and ability the college game is.
-I took some notes on Michigan's players.
-This wasn't the fastest/best Michigan/Minnesota game I've seen.It's much earlier in the season than they usually meet, but I still don't think either team was up to the quality they usually are.
-It was a very close game, and Michigan had lots of chances that fell just short, but I think Minnesota wins going away if the game was played on Olympic ice.
-Surprisingly, the game was pretty well-officiated.
-Of the 12 defenseman on the ice, there was 1 senior, 2 juniors, 3 sophomores, and 6 freshman. Minnesota's young defenseman made far fewer mistakes than Michigan's freshmen D.
-Pat White's first career goal was a pretty one, and if he continues to fire the puck like that, he'll score a lot more like it.
-Jeff Frazee was credited with having faced 46 shots, but he had a little help from the scorekeeper. A couple of those shots were dump-ins from behind the red line, and at one point in the first period, a Minnesota defenseman played a puck back to Frazee and that was credited as a shot on goal for Michigan.