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Whither Nick Larson?

About a month ago, there was a rumor out there that Minnesota recruit, and Washington Capitals draft pick Nick Larson would redshirt with the Gophers this year, as opposed to playing with the Omaha Lancers in the USHL, as he was expected to.

It seemed like an odd choice at the time, considering that most players opt to play junior hockey rather than red-shirting. In the past week, however, the reasoning for that decision became a little more clear.

Some fairly reliable internet rumors have surfaced indicating that Larson is burnt out from hockey and will be taking this year off, and possibly never playing again. It's very disappointing news, but it is probably for the best for both the Larson and the Gophers if Larson's heart truly isn't into playing any more.

For all the glamor of a game night, I think fans sometimes forget the countless hours of hard work and physical toil that go into playing college hockey.

UPDATE:Bruce Brothers of the Pioneer Press gets confirmation from Don Lucia.