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USHL in Quebec

Omaha and Indiana completed the second half of their four-game exhibition series last night.

Indiana gave the Quebec Remparts a run for their money, taking a 3-2 lead on a John Carlson goal at 16:23 of the third period. Quebec responded with a powerplay goal 58 seconds later. Quebec then netted the game-winner at 18:09 of the third, and added an empty-netter to seal a 5-3 win.

The next game wasn't quite as close. Omaha came out with 4 goals in the first period against Rimouski Oceanic, and added two more in the third for an easy 6-0 win.

Too much emphasis was going to be placed on these games regardless of how they turned out, but the results are still pretty interesting. The USHL teams did a great job of coming together after not spending much time together as a team. It was obviously a deal that the CHL teams were missing a few players to NHL camps, but it became a much bigger deal after the games were played. And really, I'd expect those players to make their respective NHL teams if they really are good enough to improve those Q teams by 5-6 goals a game.