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New Blogs

There was some disappointing news last week as Gopher Puck Live reported that the Star-Tribune would no longer have a full-time reporter covering Gopher hockey due to a lack of interest. It's sad to hear, but one of the many harsh realities of the declining newspaper industry these days.

The good news, however, is that it looks like there is a bright future for college hockey coverage on the internet. College hockey beat writers tend to have a wealth of knowledge and information, but due to space restrictions, only the most basic stuff ever makes it into the paper. But on the web, there's room for everything. So it's always nice to see writers make the move to the blogosphere.

Colorado Springs Gazette writer Kate Crandall started a blog this summer that looks very promising. There's already some interesting stuff up there including a very long interview with new CC recruit Tim Hall and a nice recap of the season's first captain's practices.

Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor, hockey beat writer Antoine Pitts has a Michigan hockey blog of his own, as part of a bigger effort of some of the Ann Arbor News' writers to blog about Michigan sports.