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Mankato Looking for New Arena

The city of Mankato made a pitch to the Senate Capital Investment Committee for a new women's hockey facility/practice facility.

The new arena would be built in downtown Mankato and connect to the arena formerly known as the Midwest Wireless Center by skyway. It would replace Mankato's All Seasons Arena, which is one block from MSU's campus, as the home of the women's hockey program as well as MSU's hockey offices and lockerrooms.

Hockey in the city of the Mankato has grown to the point that the city does desperately need a new rink. Currently, there are two college teams, two high school teams, and an ever-growing youth program all sharing the two sheets of ice at All Seasons, with occasional ice time at TAFKATMWC. So from that sense, building a new rink to serve the two college programs is a great idea.

I'd be surprised if the women's hockey team drew 1800 people to a game any time in the near future, but this facility provides MSU a great opportunity to upgrade facilities for their hockey program.