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Former MSU Maverick Ryan Carter is fighting for a spot on the Anaheim Ducks roster this year.

Somebody asked former SCSU Husky Dan Kronick why he didn't leave school early for the pros. I think this is the first Dan Kronick interview I've ever seen that didn't involve the question, "So what's it like to play against your former team?"

Elliot Olshansky kept an eye on Kyle Turris during The Super Series, which ended up being not all that super. This series has been getting blasted all over for being a boring, one-sided affair, but I still see some good coming out this. I think that Russia was so embarassed in this event that it will cause them to revamp their player development. Russian development has really fallen off in recent years, and this could be the wake-up call that they needed.

Elliot also talked about the USHL/QMJHL series a little bit. One thing that I feel has gotten lost in all of this, is that even if the Q teams were missing a couple top players, it doesn't say much for the depth of the league if those teams fell apart without a couple players.

The Traverse City Prospects Tournament is finishing up today. Eight NHL teams sent a team of rookies and free agent tryouts to Traverse City, Michigan to play in some games and help teams evaluate talent. The New York Rangers won all three of their games. Their only college connection was Michigan State's Corey Potter. They also had Sartell, Minnesota native Michael Sauer on their team. St. Louis' top defensive pairing featured two college players who left school early this summer in Erik Johnson and Steve Wagner, and they combined for 9 points. Also, if any Cornell fans are reading, you'll be happy to know that Matt Nickerson got into a fight in 2 out of the 3 games.