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Kutalek Ruled Ineligible

Forward Tibor Kutalek, who was to be a freshman at Alaska this year, was ruled ineligible to play in the NCAA this year.

Alaska's NCAA compliance officer explains:
"Based on his GPA coming out of high school, he needed to get a certain SAT score but he didn’t get it," she said. "He took the exam and he knew the score he needed to get, but he didn’t follow up with the clearinghouse or us."
This probably hurts Kutalek more than it hurts Alaska. Kutalek was the last recruit signed in the Tavis MacMillan era in Fairbanks, and I'm sure the new regime is anxious to get as many of their own players in as possible. It's likely that Fairbanks had known about this for a while, and this goes a little way in answering the question of where did Alaska get all of the scholarship money they were handing out this summer.