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The British Columbia Hockey League's season is pretty much in full swing. All of the teams have played at least a handful of games.

Despite what it may say in Hockey Canada's Player Development Manual, the league really seems to have embraced college hockey. On the front page of the league website, along with highlighting the top player of the week, the league is also highlighting a "College Bound" player. This week, it is former Victory Honda forward Colin Lidster, who will be going to Quinnipiac in 2009.

Also, on each team's roster, there is a special tag to note if a player has committed to a school, and clicking on it shows where and when the player will go to college. Each individual profile also lists where a player has committed to college. The individual profiles also contain more information for recruiting purposes. It looks like players can uploads transcripts, resumes, and other information. I doubt colleges ever had trouble getting that info in the past, but it's cool to see the effort made.

It's nice to see the league promoting college hockey like that, and it makes sense, given that the league's biggest stars like Kyle Turris and Riley Nash have moved off to college.

Shane Frederick tracked down this article on Minnesota State recruit Garry Nunn. The article compares Nunn to former Duluth Bulldog Mason Raymond, which I think most Mankato fans would be okay with. The article mentions that MSU's coaches wanted Nunn to join the program this season, which makes sense given the fact that Nunn will have to sit out a year at Mankato before taking the ice in a game. I'm sure MSU would have loved to add two speedy forwards in Nunn and Roseville HS forward Adam Mueller to their experienced roster in 2008-2009.

The BCHL featured twins Connor and Kellen Jones. They are '90 birthdates, though fairly small in stature. Through 7 games, Connor has 3 points and Kellen has 1.

Meanwhile, the top players are starting to move to the top of the scoring table. David Arduin, who recently committed to Quinnipiac, is tied for the league lead with 14 points. RIT recruit Scott Knowles also has 14 points. SCSU recruit Jordy Christian has 12 points, as does major college prospect Derek Lee. Michigan Tech recruit Casey Pierro-Zabotel has 11 points, and Ohio State recruit Zac Dalpe has 9 points.