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Select 15 Festival Report

I have finished my Select 15 Festival report. You can read it here.

And also, some people had asked for this after the Select 17s, so I decided to try and pick the top 5 forwards and top 5 defenseman at the Select 15s. Here they are:

Top 5 forwards
1. Luke Moffatt-Stats weren’t great, but he’s got a ton of talent.
2. Matt Nieto-One of the few kids whose talent translated into points
3. Chase Balisy-Wasn’t overly flashy, but a very solid player
4. Brent Darnell-Did everything except score a lot.
5. Austin Watson-Maybe not the best player at the camp, but very easily could be the best two or three years from now.

Top 5 defenseman

1. Jon Merrill-Easily the best player on the ice
2. Brandon Archibald-Not a complete package yet, but all the tools are there
3. Jason Binkley-Very good player
4. Brandon Russo-Didn’t make very many mistakes
5. Stephen Johns-Has the potential to be very, very good.

Finally, Jon Merrill and Luke Moffatt have both received offers to play for the NTDP next season.