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So after being at the Select 15s earlier this week, I'm back in Ann Arbor, and will be checking out the Michigan Alumni hockey game tomorrow night. This has to break some sort of unofficial record for widest span of ages watched in a week.

There's been unconfirmed rumors about this floating around most of the week, but Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald confirmed that Eastview HS defenseman Cory Fienhage committed to North Dakota. Fienhage fits the mold of a classic North Dakota defenseman, in that he's a big, physical type of defenseman. He's kind of flown under the radar in terms of attention, but I think he'll be rated pretty highly for next summer's NHL draft.

Soon-to-be-NTDP forward Kevin Lynch committed to Michigan. Lynch is considered a very nice two-way center. Some people thought he'd sign with the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL, and as of their prospect camp a few weeks, I think the Whalers were still pretty confident that they'd get him. I get the feeling that it's no guarantee he'll end up playing for Michigan either. Here's a quote from his dad(emphasis mine):
"Although Kevin was honored to be drafted by Plymouth, he has chosen, for the time being, that he’s not going to be playing there,"
Joe Exter will be joining the NTDP as their new goalie coach. It's great to see him move up in the hockey world, as it couldn't happen to a better guy.