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A bunch of pro players, and a few high schoolers are getting ready for the season in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Former Michigan goalie Steve Jakiel winds up at D-3 Curry College.

The Grand Forks Herald has more on North Dakota's Twin Cities Connection.

Michigan will be relying heavily on their freshmen for the second time in three years.

Jordy Christian is doing well in British Columbia.

A report from Burnaby Express camp.

Floridian Andrew Yogan signed with Windsor of the OHL.

A number of other college prospects are currently attending OHL training camps. Two players that have committed to college, Minnesota's Sam Lofquist and Northeastern's Daniel Erlich are attending London Knights camp. Other players like Kyle Quick, Corey Morbeck, and Zach Tatrn are also attending camps. They are allowed to skate in the camp, so long as they pay their own way, and don't play in any exhibition games.

It's looking like BU recruit Ethan Werek will end up in Kingston.

Drinks are on Keith Ballard.