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Elliot Olshansky writes about John MacInnes. I suppose I owe MacInnes a debt of gratitude as well because, in addition to his illustrious hockey career at Michigan and Michigan Tech, MacInnes also started the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association.

I wrote about Minnesota State's top moments of 2006-2007. Yes, there were some, wise-ass.

On Frozen Blog suggests that Washington D.C. try to get a USHL team. It's an intriguing idea, though probably not practical in the short term, as the USHL is still a bus league for the most part, and D.C. is over 400 miles away from the USHL's eastern outpost of Columbus. I'd also be a little skeptical of a team operating in a big city, as Chicago hasn't been all that successful.

A better long-term solution, in my mind, would be the creation of a Tier I Junior A league along the east coast for top Eastern kids. That would open up some more spots for kids to play top junior hockey, and allow eastern kids to stay closer to home.

Michigan's Ben Winnett taped Michigan stripes on his helmet as a youth.