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Hot Recruiting Tip

(Props to Deadspin for the story. Apologies to you, the reader. It's a fairly slow news day and I haven't used the whimsy tag in months.)

It turns out that Barry Bonds didn't get so strong from taking steroids. He just has an awesome off-season training program: playing hockey.

Apparently Bonds and his family like to hang out at the rink with Alan Thicke. But the most stunning revelation here is this quote from Bonds:
Funny thing, I'd never seen my son skate, and he beat all of us.
If he's better than the best man at Wayne Gretzky's wedding, you know he's got game. Plus, his name is Nikolai, which kind of sounds Russian. If Kurt and Goldie's kid can play for Alabama-Huntsville, how long until colleges start recruiting the younger Bonds, who is 17? Hopefully it's soon.