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The Scouting News had an interesting free article on goalie Alan Armour.

John Tavares is still trying to get into the 2008 NHL draft. There's a slight college hockey connection here in that Tavares is represented by former Michigan player Bryan Deasley. For the record, here was my stance on the issue. I think it's a joke that Brad May is allowed to play in the NHL, but Tavares can't.

The Best of Runnin' with the Dogs.

The UAA Fan Blog wrote a letter to incoming recruits and took a stab at ranking the WCHA's incoming classes.

I can't find a good permalink to this, but here's, appropriately enough, an internet message board thread that features an article about the importance of internet message boards in providing super-secret information. There's probably nothing in there that you didn't learn in 1997, other than that our Secretary of Defense is a message board dork.