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I Didn't See This Coming

Apparently former Michigan forward Mike Comrie is dating Hilary Duff. If you're keeping score at home, Comrie is actually only 7 years older than Lizzie McGuire.

So to recap, in this past week we've now covered: Jack Johnson dating Sarah Murray, Kellie Pickler dating Jordin Tootoo, and now Mike Comrie dating Hilary Duff. I'm like the Perez Hilton of the hockey world.

Yeah, it's summer.

Update: A lot of people have been finding this site after doing Google searches for more info ComDuff. When I graduated from college, I was challenged to make a difference in the world. I think I'm doing so.

Also, all this talk of girlfriends and I didn't even mention Mike Komisarek and his girlfriend. I still get at least one Google search per week for "Mike Komisarek + girlfriend"