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Festler to USHL

Little Falls HS forward Jared Festler, who set a new single season scoring in Minnesota HS Hockey last year as a junior, has decided to play in the USHL next year.

I'm sure it was a difficult decision for Festler, but probably for the best. The attention he drew last year with his record-setting season probably made things less fun for him. That attention probably would have been even worse this year as he likely would have broken the career scoring record. He'll also face better competition on a daily basis in the USHL, as opposed to staying at Little Falls, who play in one of the state's weaker sections and don't play many of the state's best teams.

At the same time, Festler is making a huge sacrifice. He's giving up playing his senior year of high school with his friends, and giving up an opportunity to lead Little Falls to a state title and possibly win Mr. Hockey.

I wish Festler the best of luck and hope his decision works out for him.