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Clearing the Air

As a blog, I'm supposed to be the one doing all the rumor-mongering, but instead, I thought I'd clear up a a couple rumors that have been going around.

First off, there has been a lot of speculation this offseason that Minnesota State was going to lose as many as three forwards due to academics. Thankfully for Maverick fans, those rumors aren't true. MSU is expecting all of their returnees to be back next season, with the exception of one player who is transferring.

There was also some question about MSU recruit Garry Nunn's eligibility. Nunn was drafted by the Vancouver Giants of the WHL, and apparently had some sort of relationship with the team. Nunn will go back to Victoria in the BCHL next year, and then come to Mankato in 2008-2009, where he will sit out a year, and then start playing for the Mavericks in 2009-2010, and have three years of eligibility left.