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Big Ten Network

If you watch Fox Sports at all, you've probably seen ads for the new Big Ten Network(the one that hilariously lists Minnesota last among Big Ten teams). There's been some concern among the football/basketball crowd about the availability of this channel, and what games it would be showing. There's been some talk in the hockey world as well about what games would be shown.

Brian Cook from MGoBlog talked with BTN president Mark Silverman. Here is what Brian says about hockey coverage:
"I asked what the hockey coverage was looking like, and he said there would be "ten to fifteen games" on the network this fall and that they would be "above and beyond" the current coverage provided... probably. Obviously hockey isn't A-1 on his priority list, so he wasn't 100% up to date on their projected coverage. Since Minnesota and (I think) Wisconsin have very good TV packages with their local Fox Sports affiliates I assume most of those would be Michigan/Michigan State/Ohio State games. Hopefully some will be, you know, on the road."
So I guess that's news, especially for CCHA fans.