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Pat Maroon

It's too hot for a pun about his name.

There were rumors last week that Ferris State recruit Pat Maroon might be thinking of going to the OHL next season, instead of going to Big Rapids.

Maroon is a big forward with excellent hands. He was one of the NAHL's top forwards last season, leading the league in scoring in both the regular season and playoffs.

Maroon cleared things up a little bit in an interview with the London Free Press:
"I am thinking of coming (to London,)" Maroon said. "It all depends if I get drafted and what team drafts me and if that team tells me to go to the OHL or college. I don't have to do it but if I do get drafted and that's what the team tells me, it would be a consideration.

"It would be nice to play (in London) but it's really all up for grabs."
Maroon said he could be drafted as early as the third round, but most people see him getting picked somewhere between the 5th and 7th round. I'd think his hometown of St. Louis might be a likely destination. Maroon has participated in the Blues prospect camps in recent years. I'd be nervous is Calgary or Los Angeles picked him though.

The London Free Press throws in this gem:
If Maroon is drafted, there probably aren't a lot of NHL teams that wouldn't recommend he play in the OHL. Even as a 19-year-old, he has two more years of at least 68 games and given the Knights history the last few seasons, it's likely to be closer to 100-game seasons.
100-game seasons? Are all of their 7-game playoff series going to 8 games? I don't understand the Metric system.

So yeah, the NHL Draft will be interesting for Ferris State.

In related news, Ferris State recruit Beau Schmitz wasn't at the Plymouth Whalers mini-camp, though another NCAA prospect, Kevin Lynch, was there, and reportedly played very well.