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NHL Linkorama

Expansion!There are rumors that the NHL is thinking of expanding to Kansas City, and more interestingly Las Vegas, with the Vegas franchise being owned by Jerry Bruckheimer. Yes, the same Jerry Bruckheimer who brought us the Oscar-winning Kangaroo Jack. I think he's been involved in some other projects as well.

This is tough because I'm a huge fan of moving a franchise to Vegas. What I'm not a fan of is a 32-team league. As someone pointed out in the comments on James Mirtle's blog, a 32-team league means a lot of fans will go their entire life without seeing their team win a title, and I think you'd have a hard time keeping a lot of fans if they never get to experience the most exciting part of hockey. Also, if the league wants to market a player like Sidney Crosby, or potentially John Tavares, it's going to be difficult if they're only playing in certain parts of the country every other year or so.

King Carter!Minnesota State's Ryan Carter and St. Cloud's Joe Motzko both played about two and a half minutes for Anaheim in Game 4. Since they played in the Stanley Cup final, they'd get their name on the Stanley Cup if Anaheim wins one more game. Carter would be the first Maverick, and Motzko would be the third Husky to get their name on the Cup. It's probably the only slightly positive thing about Burke's Jerks winning the Cup.

The Bike! The Columbus Post-Dispatch had an article on on the most grueling part of the NHL Draft Combine.

Goons!I enjoyed Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle's comments about "People have long memories" in response to Daniel Alfredsson shooting the puck at Scott Niedmayer. Apparently his memory isn't long enough to remember Chris Kunitz's hair-pulling, Brad May's suckerpunch, Chris Pronger's elbow to head, any number of goalie runnings, Chris Pronger's elbow to head: the sequel, and anything done by Corey Perry. My point is, if you live by the goon, you're probably not in much position to complain when some of it comes back to you.