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Chris Heisenberg lists Wisconsin-native Nathan Lawrence as committing to Alaska for next season. He is new coach Doc DelCastillo's second recruit since taking over, and the second to come from the USHL.

I was going to give up on trying to Select 16 Festival because of USA Hockey's new website, but they're using different software now, which is a little better, and actually allows for a leading scorer list. After three games, Thomas Keith of New York and Ryan Walters of Minnesota each have 5 points. Six others have 4 points.

INCH had some good draft notes from the second day of the draft. Among them:

Michigan Tech Casey Pierro-Zabotel is still waiting to get through the NCAA's Clearinghouse. It sounds like he does have a high enough test score to get into school, and it's a matter of it getting processed.

Swiss forward Luca Cunti is thinking of playing college hockey and is considering St. Cloud and Clarkson. Cunti is on the protected list for the Chicago Steel of the USHL for next season. From the pre-draft buzz that I can remember, Cunti was considered very talented, but not exactly the most coachable player.

Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer won't be signing an NHL contract this summer. Neither am I, for the record.

The Buffalo News had a great article on former Michigan forward Ryan Sittler. I never realized he was the highest drafted player to never make the NHL.

Ryan Carter is bringing the Stanley Cup to Mankato, and Friday will be declared Ryan Carter-Stanley Cup day in the city.

Also in Mankato, the Middy is no more, as Mankato's arena will now be called the Alltel Center. My initial reaction: "Yeah, I'm not calling it that." Maybe they should call it "Ryan Carter-Stanley Cup Arena" I'm sure they've already got a banner or something printed up for Friday. Just stick it on the side of the building.