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Former NCAA Players and the Draft

I was curious as to who the best NCAA players were in each NHL Draft, and where they ranked compared to the other players in their draft year in terms of total points.

2006-Phil Kessel, 29 career points. Kessel is 2nd in the 2006 class, as only he and Jordan Staal have played in the NHL so far.

2005-Paul Statsny, 78 career points. Again, 2nd in his draft class behind some guy named Crosby.

2004-Travis Zajac, 42 career points. He's 9th in his draft class so far.

2003-Thomas Vanek, 132 career points. He's third behind Eric Staal and Patrice Bergeron.

2002-Ryan Whitney, 97 career points. He's 8th overall. Three of the players ahead of him were drafted ahead of him too.

2001-Mike Cammalleri, 158 career points. He's 4th overall behind Ilya Kovalchuk(1st overall), Jason Spezza(2nd overall), and Ales Hemsky(13th overall)

2000-Dany Heatley, 389 career points. He's at the top of his draft class.

1999-Mike Comrie, 262 career points. He is 4th in his draft class behind the Sedin twins and Martin Havlat.

1998-Shawn Horcoff, 235 career points. He's 8th in his draft class.

1997-Mike York, 308 career points. He was 6th overall in his draft class.