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Final Draft Linkorama

Just a few more links before the first round of the draft tonight...

Blogger Eric McErlain is blogging from the Draft. McErlain was initially denied a credential until the NHL realized that was an incredibly stupid thing to do, and now he's in.

He reports the first trade of the day. San Jose sent Vesa Toskala and Mark Bell to Toronto for the 13th overall pick, and I've also heard rumors there are a few other picks attached.

MGoBlog found an article on Ben Winnett.

Kate Crandall had a nice article on Billy Sweatt and his summer job at Quizno's.

Hockey's Future writer DJ Powers covers the top 20 NCAA draft prospects. HF also has an article on NTDP prospects.

And in case anyone missed them earlier, here are my profiles of Ian Cole, Pat White, Ryan McDonagh, Mike Hoeffel, and Max Pacioretty.