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1st Round Winners and Losers

You can see who was picked where in the first round here.


Florida Panthers: They came out of today with the number one goalie that they were looking for, and were able to pick up a nice defensive prospect as well. That was two areas they really needed to improve.

St. Louis Blues: They were one of the few teams that knew their guy would still be available a little later on in the draft, and were able to work out a deal to move down. They basically got a few extra picks for free.

Montreal Americans: Montreal picked up two more great American prospects in the first round of the draft. Both players look like really solid, fairly safe picks.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Angelo Esposito shouldn't have slipped that low. The Penguins made the most exciting offense in the NHL even more exciting.


Edmonton Oilers: I guess Kevin Lowe had a hot date to get to tonight, and wasn't planning on being up early tomorrow. They traded up from 30 to 21, giving up an early second round pick tomorrow, in order to draft Riley Nash, who probably would have been available at 30. They also took a bit of a reach on Alex Plante in the middle of the first. I kind of like the pick of Sam Gagner over Voracek, but if Voracek works out better, they'll look foolish for not following conventional wisdom.

Los Angeles Kings: Dean Lombardi looked pretty defeated after they couldn't work out a deal to trade down and then draft Thomas Hickey, and instead, had to pick him 4th overall.

Minnesota Wild: You'd think the Wild would have finally learned this offseason that you don't win the Stanley Cup scoring 1 goal per playoff game. Two great offensive talents were sitting on the when they came up to draft in Alexei Cherepanov and Angelo Esposito, and the Wild selected another hard-working grinder.