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Another Hurdle For Duluth

The bonding bill that contained money for a new arena for the city of Duluth, and expansion of the National Hockey Center in St. Cloud has been vetoed by Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The bill was for $334 million, while the Governor's proposal was only for $71 million, so there is a lot of distance to cover for the two sides to meet. The Governor could have used a line-item veto, but because he would have had to veto 3/4 of the bill anyway, he just chose to get rid of the whole thing, instead of forcing an override vote on every item he vetoed.

The bigger loser here is probably St. Cloud. I doubt this bill will get passed without money for the new DECC in there. The $10 million for St. Cloud would have been very nice, but I don't see it as being all that essential. It will probably be cut by the time this bill gets passed.