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Ryan Duncan Wins the Hobey

Also, we may have landed on the moon.

Congratulations to North Dakota forward Ryan Duncan for winning this year's Hobey Baker. If you read back, Duncan wasn't my first choice for the award, but he is deserving nonetheless.

Dane DeKrey wrote a nice article on Duncan for College Hockey News.

Perhaps Duncan's win represents the changing landscape of college hockey. The Hobey used to be an award for upperclassmen, with the rare exception of an underclassmen winning if he was head and shoulders above the rest. Duncan had a good season, but I doubt there would have been much uproar if he hadn't won the award. But while he's only a sophomore, it's hard to imagine this not being Duncan's last season of college hockey. Duncan is a free agent with no guarantee of a pro hockey contract, and it's hard to imagine him having a better season next year, when he will likely be without at least one of his linemates.