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Party On, Contest Winner

I never officially declared a winner in the WCH NCAA Tournament Pick'Em Contest. As it turned out, nobody did that great. A perfect bracket would have netted a score of 70 points. Nobody came close to that. Also, nobody correctly picked Michigan State as the national champion.

Our winner was an NHL scout, who chose to remain unnamed. He finished with a score of 39 points. He was the biggest beneficiary of Michigan State's success, as the only person who picked MSU to win a game at the Frozen Four.

Second place went to Tim Williams of The Blog that Yost Built with an impressive 30 points, and third place went to Rochester, Minnesota's Steve Bahnemann with 29 points. CSTV uber-reporter Elliot Olshansky had an impressive performance, finishing tied with 3 others for fourth place with 26 points.

Oh yeah, and I finished tied for dead last with a meager 7 points.

Of course, if you had picked each winner by who was ranked higher in the PWR, you would have ended the tournament with only 4 points.

Thanks again to all that sent in picks. I greatly appreciate your participation.