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Hockey and the Media

For some odd reason, I get a copy of The Sporting News mailed to me every week, and for an even odder reason, I read it every week. Anyway, I did notice something interesting in this week's issue:

The Sporting News conducted a poll(and I have no idea how accurate this poll was) asking "Which Will You Watch More: The NHL Playoffs or the The NBA Playoffs"

Among Users, 60% chose the NHL playoffs, while only 46% of the Sporting News staff chose the NHL playoffs.

Now clearly the NHL has some image issues, but I still find these numbers intriguing. We hear a lot of negative things about the NHL through the media, but how much of that is true, and how much of it is members of the media that don't know much about hockey, and don't care to learn more? It's very cliche to bash hockey as being unpopular, but it seems like people want to watch the game. Hopefully the NHL can find a way to bring the game to them.