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Wisconsin Beats Michigan Tech

I almost made it through 2 minutes of this game. Blake Geoffrion scored at 1:45, at which point I turned the TV off because I figured Wisconsin's lead was insurmountable. Turns out, I was right. Wisconsin won 4-0 to advance to the WCHA semifinals tomorrow against Minnesota. They get a little break in playing the Gophers, because it means they won't have to play in the early game tomorrow.

This probably ends Michigan Tech's season, but it was a great season for the Huskies. I think you have to give Jamie Russell credit for getting the most out of what he had on his team. Tech averaged less than a goal per game in the WCHA playoffs, yet still made their first Final Five appearance in years. With Michael Lee-Teslak and Robbie Nolan back in goal, and a desperately needed infusion of offensive talent coming in next season, the worst looks to be over for Michigan Tech.