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Blake Wheeler capped off an amazing weekend by scoring a crazy goal in overtime to win the Final Five for the Gophers. I'll probably YouTube the video when it gets posted.

Minnesota and North Dakota was probably one of the best games I've seen all year. It was fast and hard-hitting. It would have been great had this game been a national title game. As it stands, it looks like these two teams could possibly meet on the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, which is probably shame.

Notre Dame was able to capture their first CCHA playoff title by beating Michigan 2-1. Billy Sauer made a lot of big saves for Michigan, but then gave up what was reportedly a pretty soft goal on the game-winner. Generally I'm not a huge fan of teams that don't have a lot of experience going into the NCAA tourney(technically Notre Dame's seniors have played in the tourney), but Notre Dame looks to be rolling right now.

Elsewhere, Clarkson rallied from a 2-0 deficit to win their league title over Quinnipiac. Miami will be sending the Golden Knights an extra large Christmas ham.

And Air Force is going to the tournament, as they beat Army 6-1. Congratulations to the Falcons.

So we know the teams that will be in the tournament. But we won't really know how it all shakes out until tomorrow at 2:30 when the brackets are officially revealed.