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WCH Doppler 10,000

There's some sort of expression about the month of March coming in like a lion, but from my window, it looks less like a lion and more like a foot of snow.

The entire state of Minnesota has been hit pretty hard with a big snowstorm that is wreaking some havoc with hockey schedules.

All the high school hockey sectional championships that were scheduled for today were postponed until either tomorrow or Saturday.

You know things are bad when even Duluth is struggling with the weather. Luckily, it sounds like the Badgers had the foresight to get into town ahead of the storm.

North Dakota was able to make it to St. Cloud, though beat writer Brad Schlossman likely won't be making the trip.

I haven't heard anything about Tech traveling to Minnesota, but I'm assuming they made it in fine. In Houghton, they call this Tuesday.

Finally, Minnesota State gets the benefit of not having to play this weekend, so they get to sit at home by the fire and send bad thoughts towards Tech and Wisconsin.