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Not only is the West regional arguably the toughest regional in this year's NCAA tournament, there are some interesting storylines as well.

Clay Matvick's North Dakota PSA on Sunday afternoon was not lost on Michigan.

I certainly understand people picking North Dakota over Michigan. What really surprised me though, was how many people have been picking North Dakota to beat Minnesota in the second round. In the WCH Pick'Em(which you can still enter, BTW), the first wave of brackets were almost exclusively picking UND to win the region. Minnesota has since caught up, but North Dakota is the pick to come out of the regional in just over half the brackets. Aren't the Gophers still the number 1 team? And if we're putting so much stock on the end of the season, didn't the Gophers just beat North Dakota a couple days ago? I just thought that was interesting.

Meanwhile, Michigan has angered some Minnesotans by stealing their thunder in the search for a new basketball coach.

Former Minnesota forward Trent Klatt looks pretty smart right now.