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The Popular Vote

We finished with 30 brackets in the Pick'em Contest. Here are the winners based on who people picked the most.

West: Minnesota(100%) and North Dakota(77% of brackets). Regional winner: Minnesota(57%) North Dakota was picked as the winner in the other 43% of the brackets.

Midwest: Notre Dame(100%) and Boston U(60%). Winner: Notre Dame(70%). 20% had BU winning, 10% had MSU winning.

Northeast: New Hampshire(83%) and Boston College(96%). Winner: Boston College(70%) 27% picked UNH and 3% picked St. Lawrence.

East: Clarkson(77%) and St. Cloud(70%). Winner: St. Cloud(66%). 20% picked Maine and 13% picked Clarkson

Frozen Four
W/NE: Minnesota(43%) North Dakota(40%) Boston College(17%)

MW/E: Notre Dame(40%), St. Cloud(37%), Michigan State(3%)

Final: Minnesota(27%), North Dakota(27%), Notre Dame(27%), St. Cloud(10%),Boston College(7%), Maine(3%)