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North Dakota Beats Minnesota

The rematch of the Final Five final was just as entertaining as the first game, but this time, the outcome was different. It was North Dakota that won 3-2 in overtime.

The Sioux head to the Frozen Four as one of the hottest teams in the country, where they face another red hot team in Boston College.

It's another disappointing end to a very good season for Minnesota. It is the second straight year that they finished the season as the best team in the country, but failed to make the Frozen Four. Brendan Morrison once infamously said that the best team doesn't always win, and my quibble with that is that usually the best team doesn't win in the NCAA tournament.

What was the difference for the Gophers? Who knows. It could have been anything and everything from the team peaking too early, to the team missing Tyler Hirsch, to the officials picking an unfortunate time to start calling interference in the offensive end.

So it's back to the drawing board for the Gopher coaching staff. In addition to losing a valuable senior class, they'll also be probably hit hard by defections this summer. I have a feeling that the Gophers will land on there feet though, and be back in the hunt again next season.