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North Dakota and BC to Play for National Title

...or so it would seem after watching ESPN's selection show. One of my big problems with all of the talking heads on ESPN is that they often fall into the trap of screaming about "Team X won their last couple games and they're never going to lose ever again, and Team Y is on a losing streak so they will never win again". I was kind of hoping that given their own half hour show, college hockey wouldn't fall into the same trap, but that was even worse than average.

Believe it or not, teams besides North Dakota and Boston College are playing in this year's tournament. Here are the brackets:

1 Minnesota vs. 4 Air Force
2 Michigan vs. 3 North Dakota

1 Notre Dame vs. 4 Alabama-Huntsville
2 Boston University vs. 3 Michigan State

1 Clarkson vs. 4 UMass-Amherst
2 St. Cloud vs. 3 Maine

1 New Hampshire vs. 4 Miami
2 Boston College vs. 3 St. Lawrence