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New Recruits

There were two new recruits that Chris Heisenberg announced today that, even though they didn't commit to Western schools, I found particularly interesting.

The first is Culver Academy's Chris Darnell, who committed to Mercyhurst. Darnell is originally from Georgia and grew up playing hockey in Atlanta before moving on to Culver. Darnell has played in the Select 16 and Select 17 Festivals the past two years, and has done quite well. He was invited to play with the US U17 team in the summer of 2005 in Slovakia. He's a little more higher-profile than most of the players recruited by Mercyhurst.

The other is Ohio(USHL) defenseman Dennis Urban committing to Robert Morris. Urban was a first round selection in last year's USHL draft by Omaha, before being traded to Ohio. Urban is a Pittsburgh native, and it bodes well for Robert Morris in the future if they can get some of the better players out of the Pittsburgh to stay close to home for college.