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My NCAA Bracket

As requested, here is a look at my bracket:

West Regional
Minnesota vs. Air Force--Minnesota. I think the Falcons might keep it close, but I don't think we'll see another huge upset.

Michigan vs. North Dakota--North Dakota. I think Michigan has the potential to win, but North Dakota has played too well the past couple weeks to pick against.

Minnesota vs. North Dakota--Minnesota. This should be another great game, but I think the Gophers will prevail again.

Midwest Region

Notre Dame vs. Alabama-Huntsville--Notre Dame. I think this is the game with the least potential for an upset.

Michigan State vs. Boston University--BU. I make it a point to always pick against Michigan State in the NCAA tournament. It has worked out pretty well for me so far.

Notre Dame vs. BU--Notre Dame. The Irish are playing too well right now.

Northeast Region

New Hampshire vs. Miami--New Hampshire. This should be a very close game, but I think UNH will pull it out late.

Boston College vs. St. Lawrence--Boston College. BC has shown the potential to look awful this year, but have played extremely well of late. St. Lawrence has the potential to ruin a lot of brackets before they are really flying under the radar here.

New Hampshire vs. Boston College--New Hampshire. Like I said, I haven't been overly impressed by BC this year. I think UNH gets their revenge from the Hockey East final.

East Region

Clarkson vs. UMass-Amherst--Clarkson. I'll stick with the safe pick here and take Clarkson.

St. Cloud vs. Maine--St. Cloud. I think Ben Bishop will be a little rusty and Maine still won't be playing their best.

Clarkson vs. St. Cloud--St. Cloud. The Huskies were so dominant over Clarkson earlier this year. I don't see the Golden Knights being able to turn that around.

Frozen Four

Minnesota vs. New Hampshire--Minnesota. I think the Gophers will have too much firepower for the Wildcats.

St. Cloud vs. Notre Dame--St. Cloud. I see these two teams as being very similar. I think St. Cloud has the slight offensive advantage, which will be enough to carry them to the title game.

Minnesota vs. St. Cloud--St. Cloud. I'd probably pick the Gophers against anybody else, and if a team like North Dakota made the final, I'd probably pick SCSU to lose, but I think St. Cloud matches up well against Minnesota, and I think they'll be able to sneak out a win.