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Love Hurts, Losing Sucks

The Final Five and whatever they're calling the CCHA tournament these days are both this weekend.(Best thing about this site: the research) Unfortunately, a lot of teams are going to sitting at home this weekend, with their season over until next fall. Here's some posts from the poor, miserable fans from those teams.

I avoid screaming and crying over the end of Minnesota State's season.

The UAA Fan Blog takes a parting shot at Gopher Nation, and Fox Sports North, before turning out the lights for the summer.

RWD says goodbye after a rough season for Duluth.

Northern Michigan had a rough weekend in Ann Arbor.

One CC Hockey Blog keeps it simple. The other CC Hockey Blog goes more in-depth.

Technically, DU still has a shot at the NCAA tournament, but I just don't see it happening. Sorry, Denver fans, those tickets are non-refundable.