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A few college hockey notes before the high school stuff starts.

Sean Dolan committed to Wisconsin. He's likely pretty close to being a walk-on, so it's not a bad pick-up for the Badgers.

Courtesy of one of the Colorado College blogs, I found this Chicagoland blog that talks about the WCHA playoffs. Appreciate the effort, but... Anchorage beating Minnesota? St. Cloud and Duluth a pick'em? Wisconsin making the Frozen Four?(Wisco won't even make the NCAA tournament)I hate to throw slurs around, but that's Marriotti-ish. They also say North Dakota should roll over Mankato. Respect the Bull, my friend, respect the Bull.

Here is the CCHA Scholar-Athlete team. Congrats to those guys.

Notre Dame had three players make the CCHA All-Freshman team. Noticably absent from the list are players from Michigan and Michigan State, aside from honorable mentions of Chris Summers and Mike Ratchuk.

Erik Johnson did an interview with ESPN's John Buccigross. It's pretty light-hearted and Buccigross, being an ESPN "personality," tries his best to make it all about himself, but Johnson does make some comments that probably could have waited until the season was over, including:
"Let me first start off by saying that I think it was a great choice to come to Minnesota this year. It was a great steppingstone. But next year, I really think I need to make the jump in competition in order to keep developing the way I want to. I think here at Minnesota, I could have been used more effectively in the system, so that has been frustrating. But, overall, it has been a fun time and I have really enjoyed my time here and I desperately want to win a national title. Next year will be decided after the season, though."

It's not easy being (Bowling) Green. Accorinding to INCH, it took Bowling Green 47 hours to make the trip from BG to Omaha for their playoff series, including 40 hours stuck in Iowa due to the snowstorm. Some good came out of it though, in the form of the Greatest YouTube Video Ever. Seriously, watch it. Legendary. I guarantee that when these guys get together 40 years from now, the first thing they talk about won't be any of their 7 wins. It will be about that time the tractor had to pull their bus out of the snow.