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Flight Risks

The Capital Times Todd Milewski has an article today saying that Wisconsin defenseman Joe Piskula is likely to leave this summer. Piskula has been pursued by a lot of NHL teams, and should probably get a nice contract offer.

The Mankato Free Press' Shane Frederick hints that junior defenseman Steve Wagner could sign with an NHL team.

A few weeks ago on a local TV station, Bobby Goepfert said that he thought teammate Andrew Gordon would sign with the Washington Capitals this summer.

The general feeling around Michigan is that last weekend was Jack Johnson's final games at Yost in a Michigan uniform. That wouldn't be all that surprising if he left. I think the fact that he stayed two years is remarkable. Journalist Bob Miller pointed out a few weeks ago that Johnson has given up over $1.7 million to play at Michigan these past two years.

In John Buccigross' latest column on, Erik Johnson sent in an apology for his interview comments, and said that his mind isn't completely made up about leaving Minnesota this summer. Whatever you say, chief.